He lost 60 pounds!


Marie Claude.

50 pounds later, Congratulation!


Lost lost an incredible 95 pounds! Bravo!!!!!


75 pounds and going!

Christine Carole.

40 pounds later!


61 pounds later!


Paul lost 126 lbs !

Since joining Motivation Weight Management, Paul has lost 126 pounds and gained a love of exercise.

I was in bad shape, psychologically and physically. I couldn’t even climb 20 steps without being out of breath. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, I was feeling awful. I was carrying a heavy weight on my shoulders.

Sylvia G.

« The last straw »

Dominique V.

« Everything seems easier… »

After five pregnancies, I had gained a lot of weight. I didn’t like myself and I didn’t have a lot of patience. I was mean with the persons I love. Since I lost weight, everything seems easier. I feel great, I feel beautiful, and I’m not afraid to take on new challenges. Everything seems easier!

A year ago when I went to a Motivation Minceur Clinic, I was overweight and had several health problems including high blood pressure, snoring, and I had very low self-esteem. Thanks to the help of Motivation Minceur team, my problems have disappeared and I lost 73 pounds. The team now helps me to maintain my weight and improve my behaviours.

1st photo: 241 pounds
2nd photo: 165 pounds

Angelo Munoz

« I lost 73 pounds! »

Elizabeth Schulz

I lost 30 pounds