A few pounds away from happiness.

January, February, March. Pure months of happiness for those who love the cold (fresh)… Existential calamity for the most frigid who prefer to camp in the warmth of the fireplace!

Winter makes those who want to avoid this regular, more than seasonal, coldness flee to warmer climes!

And yet, it is so invigorating to go for a well wrapped walk, to push oneself to do some kind of activity in contact with the snow and the sumptuous nature on a clear and sunny day!

But there are others, and some of you who are still reluctant to go outside unless it is necessary for all sorts of reasons. They expose themselves to more or less long-lasting discomforts linked to physical inactivity: fatigue, insomnia, excess stress, stiffness and… weight gain! Will you let the groundhog dictate whether you have a long winter or not?

Let it be! The calendar says that spring will arrive on March 21 this year! It’s already here! Will there still be snow at that time?

Now… it’s not too early to think about “melting like snow” those extra pounds, sometimes related to the recent holiday excesses, if not to the multiple abuses of last year. Unless this obesity has become a chronic and invasive disease that has been making you suffer for too long…

Statistics show that obesity is a chronic disease that is on the rise in industrialized countries, mainly due to our poor lifestyle habits.

This situation is not irreversible, but the change in eating habits requires a good supervision by a competent health professional, your doctor, who will help you lose weight while supporting you in your personal process. We offer you a complete motivational program to help you not only lose weight, but also, and more importantly, to maintain your weight thanks to a follow-up adapted to your needs. It is our commitment to you, to help you with all our experience and dedication.

Come and meet with us to discuss your case and together we will try to solve your “problems” before they become too much to handle!

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