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Our team of weight loss specialists is here to help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. We develop nutritional programs tailored to your needs: keto diet, protein diet, low carbs, etc.. while continuing to please you! Thanks to our online store, you will find all the products for your diet such as protein supplements, salty bites, juices and many others to lose weight healthily, quickly and without hunger, while preparing your metabolism for easy weight maintenance. In person, online or by phone, we are here for you all across Canada!

The Motivation Way.

This method was thought up and developed by Dr. Maurice Larocque, renowned and recognized worldwide for his research on the treatment of the overweight person. A graduate of the University of Montreal, he focused directly on the treatment of obesity. Dr. Larocque is the instigator of the Mental Weight questionnaire, a new and revolutionary concept for weight loss. Following his promising results, he founded the Motivation Slimming Clinic in order to bring his know-how and skills to all people whose goal is to lose weight. With the opening of his online store, the Doctor offers low-calorie protein products such as Proti-Chips, Proti-Snax, Proti-Bar, etc., as well as supplements such as Cal-k and ProtiDiet. You will also find books and audio guides, created by Doctor Larocque, to help you in your diet.

Customer reviews following their weight loss


Jean Pierre

"It's not like this is the first time I've tried it, but let's just say that some numbers on the scale worry and you're ready for anything. I finally found what work for me. A little effort at first and finally it's not complicated!"


"My experience at Motivation made me realize that it is not a diet that we undertake but a life choice. Once you accept this, you are sure to progress. By making the right choices, you can be sure that it will pay off over time.


"Losing 61 pounds takes time: -Motivation -Perseverance -Giving up bad habits -Visualization -Resilience -PERSEVERANCE"