A well thought-out concept

The best way to lose weight

The Motivation Weight Maintenance is a unique, well thought-out concept created and developed by Dr. Maurice Larocque, known worldwide for his research on treating obesity.

Motivation: A key factor to lose weight and avoiding to regain the weight lost

Dr Larocque's 30 years of research and comparative studies have yielded inconclusive results which confirm that motivation plays a crucial role in weight loss. Therefore, the Motivation Weight Management program make motivation their fundamental principle. Dieting, protein diets and other weight loss techniques actually work when motivation is maintained by a team of specialists.

The Mental Weight: an extremely effective tool developed by a globally-renown specialist in weight loss

Motivation Weight Management's successful program is supported by a unique tool developed by Dr Larocque: the questionnaire Mental Weight®. This questionnaire was designed to determine the diet that suits you and motivational tools based on your personality and your needs.

No false promises, the truth about weight loss and help with your weight loss goals

You've heard a lot about dieting, fat loss, slimming recipes and the rest. You have also heard of miracle solutions.

Forget everything you have known before. Here, no group meeting and no empty promise. We tell you the truth and actually help you achieve your goal: lose weight and stay slim! A personalized follow-up with an assigned counselor will help you maintain your motivation to manage your emotions, to lose weight and stay slim.


Superior results

At Motivation, our results are by far the most impressive: 89% of women and 84% of men have successfully completed at least half the program (approximately one-and-a-half months), whereas 50% of clients in medical clinics and health centres, or working with dieticians and nutritionists, give up after the first month.

Moreover, our clients lose twice as much weight (40 lbs. instead of 21 lbs. on the same diet over 16 weeks)* and have an 82% success rate for weight maintenance after four years because of the Mental Weight™ Questionnaire and personalized follow-up, which keeps motivation high