Protein supplements

Protein supplements will help you lose weight, quickly and without hunger.

Do you need protein supplements?

The number of protein supplements you will need is measured scientifically according to your personal characteristics (age, sex, physical activity, etc.), your metabolism and your choice of dieting. If you need it, we will tell you how much you need to lose weight in health, losing only fat and maintaining your muscle mass.

We offer a wide range of protein supplements ready -to-eat , such as:

Soups , creams and soups , hot and cold drinks , cakes and muffins, bars , puddings , omelets , oatmeal and cereal in the morning ...


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  • These supplement will help you balance you nutrition plan.

  • Easy to use, at home, at the office as on the road.

  • They have a high biological value, are natural and low calorie: for the same number of calories, protein supplements contain up to three times more protein than meat and alternatives.

  • They are the subject of scientific research and constant controls (quality controls, nutritional analyzes, microbiological and organoleptic tests).

  • No product is allowed to leave the factories of our suppliers if it does not meet the established criteria and standards.

  • They are an effective natural appetite suppressant, are excellent as a snack or substitute for a meal and provide a feeling of fullness for about four hours.

  • They are made from milk and soy proteins, two naturally occurring proteins from which sugars and fat have been removed..

  • They facilitate fast and healthy weight loss by protecting muscle mass. The proteins in the supplements are beneficial for maintaining skin elasticity, muscularity, strength of heart and metabolism.

  • They help maintain your weight.