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The importance of consistency

If you think back to the classmates you had at school who always seemed to have good grades, you will find that what characterized them most was the consistency with which they studied (they didn’t wait until the last minute to finish a project or study for an exam). Some may have been very bright, but the majority worked hard.

In the same way, when we try to make changes for a healthy life, trying to lose weight, exercising, we inevitably discover that to be successful you have to be consistent. Simply put, it is those who constantly try to eat well by controlling the amounts ingested, by not giving in to the emotions of the moment with a snack that is too rich in fat and starch, who try to exercise regularly (not intermittently), who try to drink enough water a day, who will have good results.

On a daily basis, good eating and exercise habits will produce the results you expect. Don’t put back what you know is good for you. What can you do today, tomorrow and the next day that will make you feel you’ve done your best? Is it walking for 30 minutes when you’d rather be watching TV? Is it resisting a high-calorie snack and choosing low-fat yogurt and fruit? Have you revised your goals? Perhaps you resisted the temptation to eat bread when you went to a restaurant and had soup instead?

It’s those little things, done consistently, that bring us closer to our goals and keep us there.

Consistency. Small portions, frequent small meals, less starchy foods, regular exercise, while revising your goals.
Do this every day;

Hang in there, you can do it!

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