Vintage typewriter with sheet of paper and words "fake news".

Fake news!

Recently, I had the pleasure of giving a conference and what came out was that 90% of the people in attendance were concerned about their weight, had already followed several diets and were mostly uninformed about their condition.

As a result, most participants were desperate to succeed one day.

First misinformation:
Diets do not work. It’s absolutely false.
If you create a calorie deficit by eating less than you burn, you will lose weight. There is no exception to this rule.

Second misinformation:
The YOYO effect is bad for your health. Still FALSE.
There is 24% less mortality among those who regain multiple diets than those who agree to stay overweight.
By thinking about it, it makes sense. Eating better for 6 months is better than eating badly for 12 months.

Third disinformation:
Fat is the enemy of the overweight person. Really FALSE.
It is sugar that is the number one enemy. It is responsible for cravings associated with low blood sugar (reaction hypoglycemia). It affects more than 80% of overweight people. Moderation has a better taste.

Fourth misinformation:
It is better to lose weight slowly. FALSE, FALSE, FALSE.
Recent research shows that it is the rapid changes in weight, eating habits and weekly monitoring that predict successful weight loss. Slow changes predict weight gain. It’s scientifically proven.

Fifth disinformation:
Maintaining lost weight is impossible. Very wrong.
The key to success with more than 80% of the lost weight maintained, several years later, is a monthly follow-up, while doing the Mental Weight Questionnaire to stay aware and motivated.

Unfortunately, we are in a society of misinformation.

It remains for you to choose the right information to be well motivated.

Maurice Larocque

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