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An important publication published in the AJBM (the journal of the American Association of Medicine concerned with weight management) which reports on the validation studies of the Mental Weight Questionnaire®. Dr. Stotland’s conclusions highlight the effectiveness and indispensability of such a tool in the treatment of people with excess weight problems.

Preliminary results
The first results are very encouraging and already allow us to clarify certain myths.

  • Women want to be under their healthy weight: false. The women who consult us, even when they are only slightly overweight, want to reach a healthy weight.
  • Protein diets don’t make you lose more weight than conventional diets: false. The speed of weight loss during the weight loss phase is directly related to the number of calories in the chosen diet. The less you eat, the faster you lose.
  • There is only one type of diet that makes you lose weight: false. Patients like to choose a type of diet that suits them. Thus, nearly 20% chose a protein diet without a conventional meal, 35% a daily meal plus protein supplementation, 35% a conventional diet of 800 calories supplemented with protein and 10% chose a conventional diet of 1,200 calories without supplementation.
  • Overweight people are passive: false. The main personality characteristic that we identify in these people is perfectionism. Stress and depression are also two factors that play a role in this disease.

Mental Weight Questionnaire
The data collected and analyzed comes from your responses to the Mental Weight Questionnaire®. To help us help you and thousands of other people around the world, it is essential that you take the Mental Weight Quiz regularly.

Even if you have given up and gained weight, by taking the Mental Weight Quiz once a month, you are helping your doctor to better understand the reasons and behaviors that are responsible for your loss of motivation.

Help yourself
Putting your head in the sand will not make the problem go away. You deserve better.

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