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How to lose weight by eating what you like?

Losing weight does not always mean deprivation! We show you how to lose weight by eating “smart”. That is to say, without forbidding yourself the foods you like! In order to go through with a diet, you must not get frustrated! Moments of pleasure are therefore useful, even necessary. It’s not a question of slipping, but of doing yourself good and learning to control your cravings!

Eat what you like “in reasonable quantities

Don’t forget, a diet doesn’t have to be a torture! Otherwise, you will return to your bad habits as soon as it is over. That’s why it’s important to learn to control your cravings. You should know that even in the middle of a weight loss program, you can eat what you like, but in small quantities.

It is important to remain logical: a piece of chocolate cake will not make you gain two kilos in one go! However, set limits and try to stick to them if you want to continue to enjoy your guilty pleasures! By allowing yourself these little pleasures, you keep your motivation and control over your impulses. The secret is not to deprive yourself, but to control yourself!

Eat healthy: make it a way of life!

Allowing yourself a few small deviations is not a problem. As long as you eat healthy and balanced meals the rest of the time. On the other hand, a diet that is too strict promotes stress and increases temptation. Consider it your reward for sticking to a healthy diet. Ultimately, it’s all about how you perceive the situation.

Also, be sure to organize your diet. Don’t skip any meals to avoid being too hungry at lunch or dinner time. Make sure you always eat light in the evening to limit the amount of “unspent” calories (during the day you still have the opportunity to move around, unlike in the evening) which will eventually lead to weight gain.

Do some sports, get moving!

Yes, it’s always the same old story: sport is essential to lose weight in the long term, provided it is practiced regularly and seriously! Sport helps to burn fat, tone muscles AND reduce stress. The more you exercise, the more you will resist the urge to snack and the sight of a cupcake!

This is also the price you pay for not depriving yourself of anything. During your diet, you will feel less guilty if you move! Fitness, dance, jogging, tennis, volleyball, whatever! The most important thing is that you do some physical activity to burn off the excess energy. You want to eat chocolate? Do some sports!

Revisit your favorite foods

Are you a fan of pizza or lemon meringue pie? Learn how to prepare them with less sugar and fat. There are many cooking websites and blogs that provide tips on how to cut calories:

• Replace your cooking oil or treat yourself to a wok/pan that requires very little fat;
• Opt for a healthier cooking method (steaming, grilling, boiling, etc.);
• Add flavourings to enhance the taste;
• Use only lean, low-calorie ingredients (learn to identify them), etc.
• Nothing says that the taste won’t be there, on the contrary, you’ll discover new flavors (if not tastier)!

We have just seen that it is possible to substitute components of your favorite dishes. As explained above you can find ideas in many blogs. In addition, your slimming clinic offers you a lot of keto recipes! Visit our keto recipes page to find new ideas! Don’t forget that often the problem is that you run out of creativity! Whether it’s savory or sweet, there’s something for everyone!

Pamper your body

Very important: you have to like to take care of yourself ? Of course, a slimming cream or two body wrap sessions per month will not make you lose 10 kilos. Nevertheless, it is the idea of pampering your body that is important: it gives you a feeling of well-being, taking away the frustration and the feeling of guilt that encourages you to eat any way you want (either too much or not at all, in both cases it is bad for your health and your weight!) This “good habit” will support you in your “diet” without deprivation. In addition, these products will give you silky and healthy skin!

From now on, don’t torture yourself, remember that the key is to know how to dose!

Where can I find professional advice on how to lose weight by eating what I like?
The Motivation clinic offers professional coaching courses where you will be followed by expert weight loss advisors who will follow you throughout your diet!

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