No miracle diet!

The Motivation program is not  another miracle diet: it’s a scientific weight loss program that includes a personalized diet and behavioral and motivational change techniques.


Fast benefits… and for a long time!

Our program allows you to achieve two goals: rapid weight loss and maintaining your ideal weight.

You are no longer alone with your problem: we are with you every step of the way. We help you when you are afraid to give up, we motivate you, we give you tips that have worked for thousands of people.


A complete program!

Our comprehensive approach covers all the aspects that make a real difference:

‘ Personalized diet

‘ Change of unhealthy behaviors

‘ Weekly meetings with your counsellor

‘ Motivational techniques

‘ +40 years of world-renowned expertise

We guide and support you without ever judging you.


No lies, no miracles: common sense!

You no longer believe in miracle solutions to lose weight? You are right! Better than miracles, we offer you common sense.

Common sense means changing your diet to lose weight quickly AND changing the behaviors that drive you to eat.


Five reasons to act now:

1. Lose weight in the first week

2. Continued weight loss in the following weeks

3. Private meeting each week with your consultant: support, motivation, advice

4. Personalized diet

5. Motivation program


Links to the Motivation Program online.


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