Protein, why the bad reputation?


Science shows us that the most important nutrient in weight loss to stay healthy, maintain muscle mass and preserve basal metabolic rate is PROTEIN.




So why is there so much controversy about the role of protein in weight loss?

We had a 350 lbs patient, totally desperate. She had consulted 2 weight loss medical centers who told her that there was no point in losing weight or following a protein diet and that her only solution was bariatric surgery.

We are troubled when we hear these comments too often from health professionals: Don’t take protein, it could be bad for your health, but life-disabling bariatric surgery is the solution.


Doctors have no right to take hope away from their patients and that bariatric surgery is not a panacea without major side effects.


And yet the reality is quite different: Anyone can lose weight and can maintain it.


A protein diet is a low-calorie diet plan that is supplemented with natural protein supplements, vitamins and minerals tailored to each person’s specific needs.


It is a natural, drug-free way to lose weight in a healthy way, without feeling hungry and with a sense of well-being.


Being overweight is bad for your health, losing weight without enough protein is bad for your health.

Losing weight with enough protein and regular follow-up is very good for your health.

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