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The Truth about Obesity

Obesity kills It is scientifically proven

1.It causes: 20% of cancers (including breast) 30% of heart disease 80% of type II diabetes high blood pressure osteoarthritis … Obesity kills the quality of life aging premature shortness of breath chronic fatigue difficulty in walking low libido drop in quality of family life rise in negative emotions decrease in self-esteem depression … Staying fat kills Restarting dieting repeatedly, even without lasting success, decreases mortality of 24%.

2. Lying to yourself kills “I start again tomorrow” “We have to have a good time” “We only have one life to live” “It’s not a life to deprive ourselves all the time” “I’m not not like the others “… Guilt Kills Stop blaming yourself for past failures. It’s useless and it kills you slowly. Enjoy your mistakes to live better. Tell yourself that each new attempt brings you closer to success, just as an alcoholic has not become abstinent at the first cure.

With our motivational program, the help of our team and your participation, even imperfect, you are on the road to success. If you want it.

It’s the truth!

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