Weight Loss: Tips and Tricks

The scientific studies we have done prove it. When the following four factors come together, you substantially increase your chances of losing weight and you will achieve your goals much faster.

1. A protein diet

By opting for a low-calorie protein diet, sugar is dipped in the diet, which reduces or eliminates cravings. The protein diet has the advantage of being easy to follow and as it cuts off the feeling of hunger, weight loss is fast. Getting results quickly is one of the essential elements to keep motivation at the highest level.

2. Rapid weight loss at the start of treatment

It's proven ! Rapid weight loss at the beginning of treatment increases motivation and when you are motivated, the results are incredible.

3. Regular monitoring

At Slimming Motivation Clinics, we have understood with our years of experience that a regular and personalized follow-up greatly increases the chances of reaching its objectives. Meet with her counselor every week, who is attentive to the needs, gives judicious advice and encourages, helps greatly to the motivation. Several packages are available from only $ 15 per meeting.

4. A rapid change in eating habits

Understanding why some poor eating habits are repeated day by day, it is much easier to control them afterwards. With the Mental Weight questionnaire developed by Dr. Maurice Larocque, it is possible to identify and understand them. It is therefore easier with the Motivation Minceur method to quickly change its eating habits and never to take them again.

We analyzed the results of 344 women during the last 9 months of their treatment. The following factors proved to be predictors of weight loss during this period:

Choosing a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) rather than an LCD (Low Calorie Diet)

Loss of weight at start of treatment

Number of evaluations and more important

Rapid improvement of eating behaviors.