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What is a good diet for losing weight?

We evaluated six different diets ranging from a protein diet to a 1500 calorie diet. More than 1400 patients agreed to participate in our research and I thank them.

The findings

• 65% of the patients spontaneously chose a protein diet, with men and women making an identical choice.

• No psychological factors were identified that might have favored a particular choice.

• Weight loss was faster on the protein diet.

• Weight loss resulted in improvements in habits and various psycholgical factors that were identical for all diets (less stress, less depression).


Contrary to popular myth, there is no miracle diet. There are excellent diets that work.

By choosing a personalized diet, the patient takes responsibility, and I believe this is essential to success. I’ll talk to you about that soon.

Remember that while there are good diets for weight loss, in the long run behavior change is the key to success.

Losing weight is prevention.

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