Lose weight, you can save a lot of money!

And yes, it is to save a lot of energy to move, it is to save years of your life, increased quality of life, health and  to save money!

Recently, one of our patients objected that losing weight was very expensive.

Intrigued, a nutritionist and I, assessed the costs of a food basket. How much does a serving of milk, vegetables, fruit, bread or starch, meat or fish, and fat cost? The whole was estimated on the basis of a balanced diet, of average quality, bought in a conventional supermarket.

Knowing the Daily Energy Expenditure (DEE) of each person who consults us thanks to the Mental Weight Questionnaire, we were able to realistically estimate how much their food basket costs before starting their diet.

In fact, the first question to ask: How much is my weight problem, overweight or obesity costing me?

Then, taking into consideration the costs of our program, the consultation fees and the various packages, the costs of the food basket involved in each phase of the diet, protein supplements, vitamins, mineral salts and omega-3, we were able to establish the actual costs involved.

Second question: How much does my weight loss program cost me?

By making the difference between the costs of the food basket before the low-calorie diet and the costs involved in the weight loss program, we were very surprised to find that almost all of our patients saved very substantially by following our programs, and this up to several thousand dollars a year.

Taking my patient as an example, she weighed 244lbs and had a DEE of 2,900 calories / day:

in phase 1, she saved $ 120.00 / month,

in phase 2, $ 200.00 / month

in phase 3, $ 240.00 / month

in phase 4, $ 255.00 / month and so on.


Invest in your health.

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