3 quick and easy exercises to lose weight

The morphology can be very different depending on the person. There are pear-shaped figures and apple-shaped figures… Men and women accumulate fat in different places on the body. While in men the fat is generally concentrated on the stomach, in women it is mainly in the thighs and buttocks.

To have slimmed down legs and muscular thighs, we have selected three exercises to do that will tone up your thighs without effort!

To do when you climb the stairs…

This exercise is very easy to do, because stairs are everywhere around us in our daily lives. If you have two or three flights of stairs to climb to get to your office or apartment, take the opportunity to do an exercise at the same time that will strengthen your thigh muscles:

Contract your glutes and thigh muscles and tiptoe up the stairs. Do this every time you use the stairs and try to use them as much as possible! Guaranteed effect… and only after a few weeks!

The massage-drainage in the shower…

The female hormonal system is conducive to water retention and the legs are most often the target of water accumulation. Drinking fresh water throughout the day to help eliminate toxins is highly recommended. We have selected a pleasant exercise to do in the shower, then after the shower, which will considerably improve the blood circulation of your legs and promote drainage. This is a winning strategy for losing weight in the thighs, even if you don’t have water retention:

In the shower or bath, grab a layer of skin from your thigh between your fingers and slide it from the bottom to the top of your leg and then from the top to the bottom. This technique, called palpé-roulé, is very effective because it stimulates the fat cells and blood vessels, toxins are released more easily and the legs become less heavy.
Small tip: during the shower massage you can use a natural exfoliant such as coffee grounds to exfoliate dead skin. Then, when you get out of the shower, moisturize your skin by using the same massage technique for a few minutes.

Pedaling with or without a bike…

One of the best sports to keep your legs healthy, build muscle and lose weight on your thighs is without a doubt cycling. If in the summer, it is easier to incorporate cycling into your daily routine to go to work, to do some shopping or to go for a Sunday walk with your family, in the winter, it is more difficult to cycle because of the temperatures, the rain or even the snow. We suggest this exercise to be done on a mat in the warmth of your home only 5 to 10 minutes a day:

Lie on your back, lean on your elbows placed along your body, raise your legs at a 90 degree angle at the knees. Start pedaling slowly by extending one leg, then return the leg to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Do 15 strokes on each side, pause for 10 seconds, then repeat. A 10-minute session while watching TV will help you build up your legs and abs effortlessly in just a few weeks.
Keeping your legs healthy and losing a few inches of thigh circumference is a daily maintenance task. Incorporate these three exercises into your daily routine and in just a few weeks you will notice the difference.

A little tip: walk as often as possible, if you are waiting at the checkout counter at the supermarket contract your thighs for several seconds, release and then start again or wear heels from time to time, they help to refine the calves, thighs and tops of the knees!

Where can I find more tips on how to lose weight?

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