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How to lose weight by managing your emotions?

To lose weight, watching your diet and practicing regular physical activities is not always effective if the mind does not follow. Indeed, it is also important to manage one’s emotions, a factor that has a determining influence on metabolism.

1/ The influence of emotions on weight
Emotions disturb our eating behavior and contribute to weight gain

Either they encourage snacking and the search for comfort in foods rich in fats and sugars;
Or they suppress the appetite and force the body to store more fat to prevent deficiencies;
They also trigger the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that becomes harmful at high levels. Under the effect of cortisol :
metabolism slows down, resulting in greater weight gain, even without excess fattening foods;
the blood sugar level increases, which can lead to hyperglycemia, nervousness, fatigue and in the worst case, diabetes;
the body accumulates more fat, especially in the abdomen, thus increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases;
one has irrepressible cravings for non-dietary foods;
Nervous tensions push us to eat much more than usual, even when we are not hungry.

Under the influence of negative emotions, eating healthy is no longer a priority. We tend to turn to fast food.
When we give in to snacking, we often feel guilty. We promise not to do it again, but first we make the most of it because it won’t be “long”. Many people fall for this.

A good weight loss program therefore requires a better management of negative emotions.

2/ Benefits of a well managed emotional state
Our body reflects our emotional state and vice versa. For maximum effectiveness during a diet, it is therefore necessary to take over the emotions. In doing so :

the metabolism burns fat cells more easily, without the harmful effects of cortisol and sedentary lifestyle. The slimming diets then lead to quick and convincing results;
more enthusiasm: you adopt a winning attitude that does not falter in the face of hard times, which encourages you to go through with the slimming program;
better self-control: you are more resistant to snacking;
stabilization of the ideal weight: less risk of regaining the weight you lost.
3/ How to manage your emotions to lose weight better?
A multitude of activities have a positive effect on your emotional state and, by extension, on your weight:

Sport/physical activity: energy expenditure is not only essential for healthy weight loss, but it also promotes well-being (production of endorphins) and helps maintain weight and health;
Sleep: getting enough sleep reduces cortisol levels. Herbal teas are particularly effective in this regard;
Holistic relaxation practices: body and spiritual approach to well-being (spa, massage, sauna, fangotherapy, yoga, tai chi, etc.). Some methods even include slimming treatments such as palpate-rolling in massage therapy, seaweed wraps in thalassotherapy or self-control through meditation;
Hobbies: dance, music (playing an instrument), art (painting, pottery, coloring for adults and others), nature escapes, etc. are all valuable allies against overwhelming emotions. Do what you are passionate about!
Diet: Avoid caffeine, as it promotes the production of cortisol and ACTH (another stress hormone). Choose foods rich in carbohydrates (especially whole grains), vitamin B1, magnesium and vitamin C, a deficiency of which increases stress even more;
The Zen attitude: in any situation, avoid gloom, altercations and overly strong reactions so as not to fall into the trap of emotional stress. Be a little more detached.
Convert these good practices into a habit to reach and maintain your ideal weight!

4/ An intense emotional outburst: the right reaction
Is your work stressing you out? Take a break or take a vacation, being in a bad mood will not make you efficient;
Bad news? Don’t make any hasty decisions. Take some time to digest or even forget the problem. You will be calmer and have a clearer head;
You are undecided or something is bothering you? Take a walk in nature to clear your mind and think quietly. The answer is often buried under the excess of information;
Emotional stress is insidious and makes any diet unsuccessful, especially when it is chronic. So don’t ruin your efforts by letting your emotions get the better of you, stay motivated and zen to lose weight quickly and sustainably!

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