There is no coincidence!

I thought about sharing with you two personal discoveries that changed my life and change it every day:
• there is no coincidence!
• Our thoughts are creative.

And I would conclude that it is because our thoughts are creative that there is no chance.

For those who are familiar with our “coaching” and the ABCD that explains our behavior, you realize that following an event, your thought (what you say in your head), automatically triggers an emotion that in turn triggers your behavior.

In fact, everything you do comes from an emotion you feel, produced by what you say in your head.

There is no chance, you can change what happens to you by changing the way you talk to yourself.
I hear you say: it’s all beautiful, but it’s been years that I want to be thin and it does not work.
We must know that all our thoughts, positive and negative, are creative.

And if you can not succeed, you probably have more negative than positive thoughts: it’s unfair to always have to go on a diet, I regret to lose the comfort that food gives me, it’s too much effort for me and if I do all that and it does not work.

We are all made for happiness, your challenge is to eliminate your unrealistic thoughts that generate your unhealthy emotions such as anger, guilt, anxiety or depression. They carry negative energy.

I promise you that by changing your negative thoughts that by putting the STOP to your unrealistic thoughts, you will succeed to improve your health, to know the success and the serenity.

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