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What is the Mental Weight Questionnaire?

It is the measure of your behavior in the face of food. It’s not how you see yourself. This is how you behave. In fact, MW is the psycho-behavioral explanation of your overweight problem. It does not take into account your genetics, your metabolism, medications, or diseases that could partly explain your weight problem.

New research

MW is a new and unique way to measure weight-related habits and attitudes.
Thanks to your participation, we can currently conduct the world’s largest clinical research in the field of overweight and obesity, as desired by the World Health Organization in the face of the global obesity epidemic and of type 2 diabetes that follows.

New discovery

Our first research results are exciting and have been presented at the North American Association for Obesity (NAASO) Annual Conference to the world’s leading researchers and subject matter experts. Among the various discoveries, we found that the evaluation of MW that we were doing so far, underestimated by about 20% the role of psycho-behavioral as cause of the problem.
This means that the current results of your MW do not give you the exact importance of your habits and attitudes as the cause of your overweight.


When you reevaluate your next MW, you will find that it will tend to be higher than the previous ones. We made the adjustments in the database. Do not worry, and say that it reflects your current behavior better.
Take the challenge to improve it next month by following his advice with more diligence.
Note that not all scales have changed and can be compared.

Weight maintenance

Our current research suggests that regular MW repetition (at months or 2 months) significantly increases weight loss and especially maintenance.
Do you know your results on the current MENTAL WEIGHT®?

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