What scares you?

Researchers in psychology and behavior have concluded that the problem of obesity is complex and that people suffering from obesity should be treated similarly to alcoholism or drug addiction.

Weight gain is not a mysterious disease affecting unlucky individuals; it is a complex and serious disorder that occurs when people make poor choices, either out of ignorance or emotional compensation.

The challenge for healthcare professionals is to empower patients to take charge of their own well-being.

Take control of your health
As long as you delude yourself with thoughts like “I should follow a diet,” “I’ve heard of a foolproof new diet I should try,” “I’ll try this new medication,” or “Food pairing must be the key to success,” you will fail.

When you seek solutions outside of yourself (diets, natural products, medications, etc.), you will attribute all your success to a method or a third party.

To lose weight and maintain it, you must look within yourself and change your habits, especially your attitude—meaning your perception of food and eating habits.

Resistance to change
We use three effective methods to avoid facing reality: denial, avoidance, and manipulation.

Resistance to change is dictated by fear.

Denial involves refusing to recognize the problem and the negative emotions that result from it. “I’m not that big,” “I am healthy,” “Eating is my only pleasure in life.”

Avoidance and manipulation prevent other people (spouse, friends, doctor) from confronting you and penetrating your denial. “My doctor says I’m in excellent health,” “I don’t eat more than anyone else,” “I’m always active throughout the day.”

Be ready for change
How does a person suddenly find the strength and courage to confront their emotions and resolve their problem once and for all?

There are as many answers to this question as there are people. It is usually only when someone hits rock bottom that the suffering becomes unbearable. Sometimes, change begins after hurtful remarks from a spouse or being unable to perform a daily task.

We are a team
Many of my patients have successfully lost weight after reading my book “Being Thin through Motivation.” They found themselves among others who have the same problem. The evaluation of the Mental Weight program has helped numerous people identify the causes of their problems and resolve them once and for all.

You alone are fully responsible for your success. However, with the help and motivational tools you need, you will succeed where you previously failed. You are not alone with your problem. Do not hesitate, especially when things are going wrong, to contact your motivation counselor and your doctor, who genuinely want to help you find the happiness you deserve.

Remember: We are a team.

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