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What to eat to lose weight?

This question always comes back. Who wouldn’t want to combine the useful with the pleasant, i.e. to eat without depriving oneself while losing weight? Dietitians have thought about this problem and have come up with answers that go in the right direction. Generally speaking, it is better to divide your meals or snacks in such a way as to ensure that your body has a regular intake of food in order to avoid any risk of a drop in your blood sugar level.

Two words of advice: avoid overeating and eat regularly. Without neglecting physical activity!

A diet based on clear principles

The key to everything: motivation and a healthy diet! When you start a diet, it’s best to be available to prepare the foods that will contribute to your success.

Don’t deprive yourself, select nutritious foods and get moving! Know that a balanced diet and a little weight training will increase your metabolism. Between lunch and dinner, you will burn all your calories for the day. In the evening, however, adopt light menus, as you are less active at night! Vegetables and legumes, such as chickpeas or lentils, are a source of protein and fiber, and are rich in antioxidants, red or black beans, quinoa are ideal. Prepare soups or even better, broths.

If you find it difficult to do without meat, choose lean meats such as chicken or turkey. Make a variety of salads, choosing dark leaves that are richer in nutrients and peppermint, which suppresses the appetite. However, be careful with sauces, which should remain light and absorbed in small quantities.

If dried fruits are good for health and diet, it is still better to avoid them in the evening, they are too rich. Vanilla is also an appetite suppressant. A scented candle or a vanilla tea will dissuade you from nibbling on a sweet after your meal!

Foods that are low in calories but high in nutrients

As for drinks, green tea is known to be a fat burner. But that’s not the only thing it has going for it. With few calories and rich in fiber, it is an antioxidant. In addition, its content of catechins, which burn fat, makes it an ally of choice. Drink 4 to 6 cups a day and walk, you’ll be amazed!

Certain foods are also factors in your weight loss success.

  • Cereals such as oats and barley are a perfect accompaniment, if they are whole grains, to lose weight. Dietitians recommend three servings a day. In the same spirit, flax seeds rich in lignans, garlic, dried apricots, sunflower seeds or pistachios reduce body mass.
    Low-fat dairy products provide you with the necessary and indispensable calcium. If your calcium level is low, your body will tend to conserve fat to avoid missing out. A good calcium intake is an adequate response to your body’s cells.
  • Fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, peppers, onions and leeks promote energy expenditure, as does green tea. Packed with flavonoids, they have an effective action on fats. The banana is another very interesting fruit because of its potassium and carbohydrate content, which promotes energy, and its appetite-suppressing fibers. It is also a good antioxidant.
  • Fatty fish and ideally the sardine act in the melting of the fat. Excellent for health, it is rich in vitamin B12, vitamin D (eat the bones very thin!) and omega 3 fatty acids, but low in calories. It covers a good part of your energy needs. Salmon, mackerel and tuna also help to reduce body fat while providing a good feeling of satiety.
  • Dried fruits, a source of protein, such as almonds, walnuts or dried apricots, against all odds, help eliminate fat! They are rich in fiber, but should be eaten in small quantities.
    Finally, eggs help protect your muscle mass by providing protein. They also help you lose weight while providing a good satiety.
  • Don’t beat yourself up with diets that are too austere, the better you eat, the thinner you’ll get!

Where to find foods to lose weight?

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