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An integrated approach

Weight loss with an emphasis only on changes of food choices, of fewer calories, of less of certain types of foods that one might enjoy, is difficult to sustain long term.

One must not just focus on food, but integrate healthy eating with other appropriate lifestyle changes that lead, day by day, to an overall sense of well being. WEIGHT LOSS IS A BY PRODUCT OF AN OVERALL POSITIVE CHANGE IN ONES APPROACH TO EACH AND EVERY DAY.

You must try each and every day to achieve a balance. Ideally, this might be to spend time each day reflecting on your accomplishments (not your disappointments); ensuring you get some appointed time for exercise (depending on the demands of the job and family this could be anywhere from 1 hr on the treadmill, to just getting in 25 abdominal crunches)..something is always better than nothing. Part of the day again will be time with the family, attempting to get enough sleep, reading something outside of ones work, reflecting on the meaning of ones life and things you want to accomplish (from laying down a new floor to writing a book.. anything). In and around these daily `musts` is the intent to eat well . Controlling portions, avoiding fatty foods, avoiding fast foods, avoiding packaged `quick` treats, trying to choose health alternatives (eg. Fruit/vegs) when your emotions are `crying ` for those quick carb fixes.

At the end of each day, you should be able to look back and say `I tried`. The more you try the more you win.

We will face food temptations for all of our lives. So, put it in its proper place. Food is not more important than rest, food is not more important than a peaceful mind, food is not more important than you individual spirituality. Food is fuel for your magnificent body. It contains nutrients that can prevent illness, create vitality. Given its proper place in our daily lives, it should, as Hippocrates said, be thought of as medicine. Take it in appropriate doses, take it as prescribed, and don’t overdose on it.

The mind, the body, the spirit. In our hectic lives, try to respect each of these elements in you. I find people are so (pre)occupied just with the mechanics of their work day, they have forgotten the art of just being human, in the thrust to get work done.

Take 5 minutes for yourself. Breath slowly, calm the day down. Write down goals for that day and the next week. Be in control. Be gentle on yourself.


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