5 Menu Ideas to Maintain Your Ideal Weight

The most effective way to stay in shape is to follow a specific diet accompanied by regular physical exercise. And because health is paramount, a varied diet is recommended.

Here are 5 proposals for protein-rich menus: healthy and balanced meals that cover your nutritional needs while reducing your calorie intake. You won’t risk feeling hungry during the day or subjecting yourself to a restrictive diet that causes deficiencies. The principle is to maintain your weight through a reasonable amount of “foods you love” and to eliminate non-nutritious foods.

Menu Idea 1:

Start the day with a savory breakfast: 2 slices of chicken breast and a portion of goat cheese, accompanied by a cup of unsweetened green tea;
For a snack at 10 a.m.: one or two low-fat yogurts, plain or soy-based;
At lunch: a salad of hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes with a little dressing, a portion (150 g) of fish fillet, and steamed vegetables (green beans or carrots with herbs and garlic);
Snack at 4 p.m.: a handful of nuts or dried fruits and a hot beverage (tea, herbal tea);
For dinner: indulge in a seafood salad, rabbit/turkey or chicken in parchment paper, and herbal tea for a good night’s sleep.

Menu Idea 2:

A vitamin-rich breakfast: make a smoothie with soy yogurt, ½ glass of almond milk, and two fruits of your choice (for example, a banana and 3 strawberries);
To curb mid-morning hunger, eat three squares of dark chocolate or a fruit compote;
At lunch: a salad of radishes with cottage cheese and chives (tzatziki) and a few slices of roast pork (150 g) accompanied by steamed vegetables or rice;
For a snack: a fresh fruit (apple, avocado, slice of watermelon, etc.);
For dinner: assorted vegetable soup and a slice of whole grain bread. A calming herbal tea to finish.

Menu Idea 3:

For breakfast: a soft-boiled egg, low-fat cottage cheese, plain yogurt, and pineapple juice;
Healthy snack at 10 a.m.: cut half a cucumber into small pieces;
At noon: a green salad (with olive oil) and pasta with tuna sauce (150 g), a fruit for dessert (apple, peach, etc.), then unsweetened green tea;
Snack at 4 p.m.: three scoops of strawberry sorbet, mango, or according to your preferences;
For dinner: lamb’s lettuce and crouton salad, rabbit or turkey in parchment paper, and herbal tea for restful sleep.

Menu Idea 4:

Start the day with a complete breakfast consisting of muesli with fresh fruit and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice;
Have a healthy snack mid-morning: 3 or 4 strawberries;
At noon: a whole avocado in salad (with herbs and lemon juice) and a grilled salmon steak accompanied by steamed vegetables/rice and unsweetened green tea;
Snack at 4 p.m.: a slice of watermelon or a wedge of melon;
For dinner: broccoli salad as an appetizer followed by a delicious pork tenderloin and onion casserole (about 150 g, flavored with thyme). Don’t forget the herbal tea to promote sleep and/or digestion.

Menu Idea 5:

In the morning: a serving of cottage cheese and a fruit juice;
Healthy snack at 10 a.m.: two soft-boiled eggs or steamed vegetables (coriander, lemon);
At noon: grilled shrimp with a quinoa salad (or sauced according to your taste);
For a 4 p.m. craving: replenish your energy with a fruit salad and low-fat yogurt;
In the evening: gazpacho with diced vegetables (cucumber, tomato, bell pepper) and a rabbit/pork stew or liver with mushrooms. A final touch of well-being: a fragrant, unsweetened infusion. At any time: drink plenty of water!

Where to Find Help in Maintaining Your Weight?

It’s not so difficult to eat healthily and varied! Revisit these menus according to your desires, prioritizing healthy cooking methods (steaming, grilling, etc.), fresh vegetables, and protein-rich foods but low in fat, olive oil, and light sauces. You can also seek assistance from professionals to maintain your weight safely. If you wish, you can also discover other motivational articles via our blog. I also take this opportunity to recommend the following article which deals with 3 delicious menus for a low-calorie diet.

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