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How to lose weight quickly while enjoying yourself?

Are you still looking for a way to lose weight quickly without frustration? There is no magic formula, the secret is to live healthily and combine “balanced diet, diligence in physical activity and spiritual well-being”. There is no question of deprivation, we continue to enjoy ourselves while losing weight. Here is how.

1/ Don’t deprive yourself, eat better
From a nutritional point of view, foods rich in refined sugar and bad fats have no interest. These are the sources of unnecessary calories that are so difficult to lose. A healthy diet is the basis for good health and a stable weight. If you can’t get used to it, consider substituting certain foods.

If you have a sweet tooth, for example, turn to natural fruit sugar, use honey to sweeten your drinks, and learn to enjoy them without sugar. There is always an alternative to eat healthily.

2/ Eat at regular times
It is possible to lose weight quickly without going through a restrictive mono-diet! There is no need to deprive yourself, on the contrary, you are encouraged to eat “more often” (5 times a day), but the right foods at the right time. So don’t skip meals, eat slowly and avoid snacking.

Have healthy snacks between meals and supplement your diet with good protein and vitamins. Snacking reduces the feeling of hunger at mealtime, so you don’t eat more than you need. This way, you prevent both deficiencies and excesses.

3/ Cook smart
To eat a balanced diet, it is advisable to prepare your own meals. Cooking allows you to control what’s on your plate and to experiment with new flavors.

Our tips for cooking light:

Healthy cooking methods that preserve nutrients and use very little fat: in water, steamed, a la plancha, in a wok, on the grill, in foil, in the oven, stewed;

Choose virgin oils, rich in omega-3 and omega-9, such as olive oil or goose fat for cooking and rapeseed/nut oil for vinaigrettes;

Be creative: revisit dishes you don’t like or try new recipes and ingredients;

Be inspired by “slim menus” to control calories and find ideas for delicious and healthy meals.

4/ Enjoy exercising
You have to move if you want to lose weight fast! Unfortunately, many people find it hard to stick to it. Our advice for staying motivated:

Do it first and foremost for the fun of it: it sounds easier than it is to do, but the idea is to get used to sport by enjoying it. Sport is always quite off-putting before you’ve tasted the benefits it brings. Then it will be easier for you to burn your calories;
Do it for your well-being: by releasing endorphins, sport provides a feeling of euphoria and personal accomplishment;

You don’t necessarily need an elaborate program to get visible results. You don’t need a very elaborate program to get visible results. Choose an activity that you like or start with targeted and easy exercises, the main thing is to move;

Consistency: This is the key to getting results. Don’t make the mistake of overdoing it every month/two weeks, you are more likely to gain weight! It is better to practice 30 minutes a day than one hour a week. Don’t stop for long periods of time, as this is the best way to lose motivation;

Ask for coaching: if you still lack self-discipline, get help from a coach who will be able to motivate you and set up a program adapted to your potential.


5/ Be zen
Weight is strongly linked to emotions, because they affect our metabolism through cortisol, the stress hormone. High cortisol levels disturb our food cravings, promote fat storage and slow down the metabolism. This is why many people have difficulty losing weight or stabilizing their weight.

To lose weight effectively, learn to manage your emotions. There are many relaxing methods to help you find a more “zen” life: hypnosis, mindfulness meditation, massages, etc. Also, make time for your favorite hobbies.

If you want to learn more about meditation to lose weight, check out our article on meditation to lose weight: 3 ways to use meditation to lose weight!

6/ Drink tea and herbal teas
These beverages are excellent slimming allies thanks to their antioxidant, detoxifying, diuretic and soothing properties! Choose them according to your objectives:

Green tea: diuretic, antioxidant and fat-burning properties;
Meadowsweet infusion: effective against water retention;
Infusion of chicory/parsley: detoxifying;
Chamomile/peppermint/mate tea: appetite suppressant;
Cherry tail/dandelion leaf tea: diuretic;
Rockweed infusion: improves intestinal transit.

By correcting your lifestyle with these good gestures, you will lose weight quickly while enjoying yourself, with the assurance of maintaining your ideal weight in a sustainable manner!

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