First commandment: Be responsible not guilty

“Neurocognitive and hormonal correlates of voluntary weight loss in humans, Cell Metabolism, January 2019.”


This study was recently published in a very important scientific journal CELL METABOLISM. It is the confirmation through MRI that everything happens between the two ears.

Our team of researchers from McGill University was able to demonstrate for the first time that weight loss was correlated with the cognitive centers of the brain and not with different hormones.

Cognitive centers mean the place in the brain where thoughts are processed.

This completely changes the way we approach the treatment of the overweight person. It is not heredity, nor metabolism, nor hormones that are at fault, but our thoughts, what we tell ourselves in our head.

It is our thoughts that determine our choices.


But choosing also means the possibility of making a mistake.

In our society of performance, error is not allowed, religion will speak of sin and psychology of guilt and self-depreciation.

My surveys show that 70% to 80% of the people who consult me for the first time to lose weight suffer from major guilt, 40% from depressive ideation and 20% from suicidal thoughts.


What you should know: there is a difference between responsibility and guilt.

Being responsible means assuming the consequences of one’s choices. It is an essential quality for the evolution of the human being, it is the only way to learn.

Guilt is a felt emotion that comes from the unrealistic thought that I should not have made this choice. It is based on the requirement that I have no right to be wrong.

Taking responsibility also means accepting to pay the price of a bad choice, but without feeling guilty. When the price becomes too high, make another choice.

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