Private consultation with Dr. Maurice Larocque



Private consultation with Dr. Maurice Larocque

After more than 50 years as a retired physician-researcher in the field of overweight, I offer my services as an expert coach to accompany you in your weight loss program.

My most important contribution to the treatment of obesity is the Mental Weight Questionnaire which identifies the behavioral causes of the problem.

It allows me to evaluate your motivation and the obstacles to your motivation. It measures your stress symptoms and emotions that may be interfering with your success.

By repeating the questionnaire on a monthly basis, I will be able to recommend the motivational tools necessary for your success.

Our research has clearly identified the quality of the follow-up offered during a weight loss program as the most important factor in predicting weight loss.

I therefore propose a global and personalized approach.

I will remain accessible to all those who wish to benefit from my expertise in the field of overweight, motivation and stress management.

One of my discoveries is that the follow-up of the overweight person is the most important factor that predicts success.

I look forward to working with you.


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Private consultation with Dr. Maurice Larocque
Private consultation with Dr. Maurice Larocque
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