CASE Proti-15 Healthy hot chocolate


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CASE Proti-15 Hot Chocolate

(1 case = 12×7 units)

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Looking for a delicious and low-calorie alternative to the high-calorie drinks found in coffee shops? Look no further than Proti-15 Hot Chocolate, the perfect solution for anyone looking to indulge in a sweet and creamy treat without all the extra calories.

Each case of Proti-15 Hot Chocolate contains 12 boxes of 7 individual servings, making it easy to enjoy a delicious and satisfying drink whenever you need it.

With 15g of protein, 6g of carbohydrates, and only 1g of fat, Proti-15 Hot Chocolate is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. And with only 90 calories per serving, it’s a guilt-free way to indulge in a creamy and satisfying drink.

So why settle for high-calorie drinks when you can have the delicious and nutritious Proti-15 Hot Chocolate? Enjoy the same smooth taste and creamy consistency you love, without all the extra calories. Order now and experience the perfect combination of taste and health in every sip.

Nutrition facts

Per 1 packet (26 g) / Pour 1 sachet (26 g)

Amount % Daily Value

Teneur % valeur quotidienne

Calories / Calories 90

Fat / Lipides 1 g 2 %

Saturated / saturés 0.4 g 2 %

+ Trans / trans 0 g

Cholesterol / Cholestérol 0 mg

Sodium / Sodium 140 mg 6 %

Potassium / Potassium 170 mg 5 %

Carbohydrate / Glucides 6 g 2 %

Fibre / Fibres 1 g 4 %

Sugars / Sucres 1 g

Protein / Protéines 15 g

Vitamin A / Vitamine A 0 %

Vitamin C / Vitamine C 0 %

Calcium / Calcium 30 %

Iron / Fer 8 %


Protein blend (milk protein isolate, sodium caseinate), hydrolyzed gelatin, cocoa powder, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavours, polydextrose (contains 0.7 g per serving), sunflower oil, dextrose, fructose, salt, tricalcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, malt extract (wheat), silicon dioxide, xanthan gum, sucralose, soy lecithin, acesulfame-po- tassium, guar gum, sodium alginate, mono-diglycerides, tocopherols. Contains 40 mg of sucralose and 17 mg of acesulfame-potassium per serving

Manufactured in a facility

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CASE Proti-15 Healthy hot chocolate
CASE Proti-15 Healthy hot chocolate
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