Third commandment: Lose weight quickly

« Early treatment response as a predictor of ongoing weight loss in obesity treatment, British Journal of Health Psychology, November 2005. »


Looking for the predictive factors of successful weight loss? Here the the 4 factors:

  • rapid weight loss
  • quick change of habits
  • regular follow-up
  • high protein low carb diet

what is a rapid weight loss:

3 lbs / week for men, and a 1,5 lb for women.


This study has lasted 9 months and surprisingly we found that the opposite of these 4 predictors as most nutritionists will recommend:

  • slow with loss
  • slow change of habits
  • less regular follow-up
  • and no low carb, high protein diet

will create a with regain.

We did the same study in France and found the same thing.

Third commandment: Lose weight quickly

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