Fresh Start diet program



Start your new diet right with our Fresh Start diet program.


• A program tailored for you! 

• On site or online, phone, email, Facetime, your weight loss coach is always there!

• Personalized weight loss forecast and development of your personalized eating plan.

• Access to the Mental Weight questionnaire.

• Managing emotions and strengthening your motivation.

Easier and more accessible, the Motivation coaching program is there for you!

We will assess your needs and expectations to help you reach your weight loss goals.


• Lifestyle assessment

• Physiological measurements

• Access to the Mental® Weight Questionnaire

• Explanation of the results of your Mental® Weight questionnaire

• Explanation of the different aspects of our program

• Personalized weight loss forecast and development of your personalized eating plan.

• Selection of your Motivation diet plan (7 choices all customizable): Keto diet, diet plan and maintenance program.

• Download book “The WHY book” by Dr Maurice Larocque

• Dr. Maurice Larocque audio program to download “Healthy body, Healthy mind” 

And for the following visits, you will be in contact with your assigned advisor every week for a month.

• Review of the food menu and make the necessary corrections.

• Weighing and various measurements.

• Managing emotions.

• Mental Weight Questionnaire once a month

• Reinforcement of motivation


One of our advisers will contact you after your purchase to start your Motivation program.

Following your purchase:

Download your copy of the WHY book, the audio program and the welcome questionnaire directly on our purchase confirmation page.

Visit our Mental Weight page to request your access.

Return your welcome questionnaire to: before your first appointment.

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Fresh Start diet program
Fresh Start diet program
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